Our minds aren’t voids. You can’t say, “I am not going to think about purple monkeys,” and then expect to not think about purple monkeys.

You have to replace the “not going to think about purple monkeys” thought with, “I am going to think about yellow elephants.”

When someone tells you to clear your mind tell them you can’t. Your mind will always think about something. That is one reason why we dream.

Along the lines of fear one reason why people get stuck in anxiety is because they do not realize they can’t just “not” be afraid. They have to think on something positive to replace the negative.

If you want to be successful meditate on being successful and stop thinking about failing. If you want to overcome fears stop trying to “not” think about those fears and replace them with positive thoughts about what would happen if you overcame those fears.

The same goes for living for God. If you are constantly trying to not do wrong you will most likely fail often. If you focus on living for God you will most likely sin less.

The mind will not allow you to simply stop. Instead you must always replace. Then and only then will you be able to move forward positively rather than negatively.




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Thank You Veterans!

Today everyone one of you should go to Youtube and watch videos of soldier homecomings. Watch the impact and the sacrifice these soldiers have made in order for you and I to be able to have the freedoms we have right now! I needed a box of Kleenex, you should to. Happy Veteran’s Day!

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God Is In Control

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Change The Channel

You tired of the same old reruns?

You tired of watching a channel that is out of focus or gets poor reception?

Do you want to change your cable provider because you are paying too much while getting too little?

Well, I hate to tell ya this isn’t a Comcast commercial or a Direct TV advertisement. This is a suggestion to get up and change the television to channel 3 and allow God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit to radically boost your “ratings” and increase your engagement.

Stop being lazy, get off of the proverbial couch and change your life by watching the best series on TV, “God & You.” Give the bible a chance. Start reading it with an expectation for change. Pursue character-shaping relationships. Serve others while serving God.

I promise you whenever those reruns come around, God will cancel them real quick.



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The High Life

Some people believe that being a Christian means nothing will happen to them. They are some how duped into believing that “us Christians” have it all together. If anything sometimes being a Christian is much more difficult than not being one.

But who wants to sign up for that?

Life is life, whether you are a Christian or not. Life is not a respecter of persons. Things will happen. Times will get tough. Trials and tribulations for one person may not seem as difficult for another. Regardless, everyone has difficult seasons. And yes Christian do make mistakes.

The Christian life is defined by God’s love for us, it is not about how peachy life will all of a sudden become. High expectations that life is going to be great after accepting Jesus Christ into our lives is a false hope. What we can expect and hope in is God’s faithfulness to get us through anything we face in our new lives as followers of Christ.



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Jesus the rock

A buddy of mine text me this message a few days ago that helped me quite a bit that day. Maybe some of you can benefit from it too.

Somebody gave me this word the other day and I think it might be good for you as well:

I want a Rock right now!

Hunger and Desperation will change your Desire. It will take irrational illogical ppl to answer an irrational illogical mandate from heaven. People will believe the impossible when you LIVE IT.

People may not have believed David until he came back with Goliath’s head.

Be comforted if you have giants in your life, just means theirs a bigger breakthrough.

2 ways to win this fight:

1. Realize who picked you. Even if you wouldn’t choose you, He still did.

– If you feel like you don’t measure up, you DON’T! That’s why you got picked.
– The only people that God can’t work with are those who have it all together.

2. When you hit your rock bottom, you find your comfort zone. The rock you landed on is J-E-S-U-S. The more empty you are as a Christian, the more room you have to be filled.

Thank you Jesus for great, godly friends!



Trending: Being Offended

The latest trend out there is getting offended and then reporting the person, or organization, who offended you. People are rewriting our constitution because they have been offended.

I am offended nearly every day by something or someone. What about you? I see billboards that offend me. I see T.V. commercials that offend me. I hear people say things in passing that offend me. I am offended throughout much of my week.

Here is where I struggle.

Somebody hears another person praying loud enough for them to hear it and they get offended. That offense carries over sometimes so far that the offendee wants to prevent everyone from praying.

People get offended by Christians. And I am not talking about rude, disrespectful, and overbearing Christians, they offend me too.

No I am talking about those who are expressing their right to openly profess their faith in Jesus Christ in a non-abrasive manner. The Offense Police are out in full force these days ready to “handcuff” any public expression of God in a person’s life. But just the mention that you are a Christian, even if you are the nicest person on the planet, may immediately rub another person the wrong way which cause them to be offended. And somehow you are now violating their right to be free from religion. Where is that in the constitution?

The biggest aggravation I have with this is that Christians don’t stand up for themselves. I am not saying to bash the other person’s head in. I am merely talking about speaking out, speaking up, and not allowing anyone to censor us from publicly talking about our wonderful God.

I am not talking about a revolt, but I am talking about a revolution.

I am not saying throw punches, but rather speak truth.

I want to tell those people that I am offended that you are trying to take away my rights. But better than telling them is showing them that you are not going to be bullied because they have been convicted.

I firmly believe that people are convicted by the presence of Christians, and they equate that conviction to being offended, because realizing that it is a conviction means that a portion of humble pie must be digested.

Jesus Christ spoke truth and that truth convicted people. That conviction causes a person to consider two choices, to humble themselves or to be offended. Unfortunately, we are such a stubborn creation we would rather be offended than humbled.

Be careful when you feel offended. Christians are offended all the time. But in this country a person has just as much a right to denying God as we do to acknowledging him.

We can’t lobby to excuse these people’s rights to believe what they believe, but at the same time when our rights are attacked we must have a voice, we must continue to remain unashamed of our Lord and Savior. We must not back down from the right we have to pray out loud, sing out loud, and serve out loud in the name of Jesus Christ.

“Whoever acknowledges me before others, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven.” – Matthew 10:32

“Whoever is ashamed of me and my words, the Son of Man will be ashamed of them when he comes in his glory and in the glory of the Father and of the holy angels.” – Luke 9:26

Don’t be ashamed, and still love those who are get offended by your love for Jesus. Don’t be bullied. And if you offended someone and you know absolutely 100% for sure you did nothing or said nothing that should have offended them, the LAST thing you should do is apologize for loving Jesus.



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